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Blaine Potter: Chapter 1 Part2

Title: Blaine Potter
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Family, Comedy
Spoilers: 'Never Been Kissed', because of Blaine. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' It's the epilogue (but I'm pretty much absolutely positive there is no reason to have read the book to understand this)
Rating: PG-13(for swearing)
Summary:Kurt has a not-quite-magical boyfriend----

Author's note: Hey everyone! Here's the next half to Chapter 1. I'm sure you'll notice what appear to be plot holes in this part, but rest assured-they're not. I have plans for everything I did and didn't mention, and why conversations went the way they did, etc. I hope Kurt seems more in character(I know no one said he wasn't, but I felt that he wasn' Go ahead and Read On




Kurt's eyes narrowed and he slumped furthur into his seat, a small frown marring his features. He saw the earnestness that was spread across Blaine's face and knew that he wasn't lieing. He thought silently for a moment, not daring to look at what he knew to be the worried expression that crossed Blaine's features.

"All right." Kurt finally said, repositioning himself so that he could lean forward and brace his elbows on the table. "Tell me what happened then, because if you lied to me without a purpose I swear by my Versace jeans-" he let the sentence hang, watching earnestly as Blaine's eyes widened and he wet his lips.

"Okay. I'll tell you. You see all of this stuff around here?" Blaine said with a broad gesture around the establishment that they were in, "Nothing in here is run by electricity." Kurt's eyes narrowed once more as he looked around at the strange items that were wizzing around the area. "It's run by magic." Kurt clenched his fists together, glaring at Blaine.

"Stop stalling and tell me why you were bullied, if you even were." Kurt bit out, ignoring the fantastical idea of magic. He always knew Blaine was a nerd, but to try and distract from the truth with such obviously made-up lies?

"I was bullied because I couldn't do magic."

"That's it Blaine." Kurt said, giving Blaine no time to explain and stood up from his chair. "I'm leaving." Kurt turned to go, ignoring Blaine's protests, but paused before he had taken three steps. "You know Blaine?" Kurt asked as the other fell silent. "I'm disappointed in you. I thought you were helping me, but I guess-"

Kurt turned on his heel, grabbing his phone out of his pocket to call a taxi, but stopping midstride when he noticed it wouldn't turn on. "What the Hell?" he muttered, trying to turn his phone on and cursing softly when it didn't work. "I just charged it this morning." He complained to himself, not even noticing as Blaine came up behind him.

"That's because there's magic here." Blaine said over Kurt's shoulder, a resigned look featuring prominently. "Come back to the table and I'll explain." He said, touching Kurt's elbow softly. Kurt thought he could here a mumbled 'this would be so much easier if I could actually do magic.' but wrote it off. He did follow Blaine anyway though, as Blaine was now his only way home.

They both sat down at their previous table, an awkward silence ensuing for a moment before Blaine began to speak, but only after the prompting from Kurt's raised eyebrow that plainly said 'Well? Start talking mister.'

"There's an entire society made up of people who can use magic." Blaine began. "Most people call it the 'Wizarding World'. I, personally, hail from the Wizarding World in Britain."

"I thought you said you couldn't do magic?" Kurt interrupted.

"I can't." Blaine said in response, continuing with "I'll explain that in a moment. Now, the Wizarding World, in Britain especially, doesn't keep in contact with the Muggle World." Blaine stopped to explain when he saw the confused, furrowed brow that graced Kurt. "Muggles are people who have no magical talent what-so-ever."

Blain grinned at Kurt's soflty spoken "Oh."

"So, growing up in a magical community, I had no way to know what was going on outside of that community, and I was osterscized from other school children. It was also made worse because I couldn't do magic, so even if I went to a magical school I couldn't connect with anybody. My family tried to help me-but-I mean-" Kurt held his hand up, motioning for Blaine to stop.

"So you're saying," Kurt began, "that magic is real," he paused, waiting for the confirmation nod from Blaine, "and that you were bullied because you didn't get popculture refrences?" Blaine winced, not liking the nearly sardonic turn Kurt's tone had taken.

"Kinda? But not-The Wizarding World isn't exactly accepting of people who can't do magic. It's almost worst for me, a squib, because we're expected to be able to do it."


"A non-magical person born to a wizard and/or witch."

"Hn." Kurt grunted out to identify understanding.

"They view them, us, as being lower than anyone else, sometimes even lower than what the purebloods call mudbloods-"

"Huh?" Kurt asked. Blaine made an apologetic smile.

"Mudbloods are wizards or witches born to non-magical parents, and"

"Purebloods are wizards or witches born of wizards or witches." Kurt stated, catching on to what he viewed as blatantly obvious terminology after the other was described.


"So squib is to gay as pureblood is to homophobe?" Blaine let a small smile loose at the small joke.

"Yeah-that's why I said I could help...I was bullied...just...not quite how you expected me to be bullied." They both lapsed into a silence, Kurt finally taking the time to actually look at the people and things around him, noticing the differences that he would have never noticed before.

Kurt was looking at one of the other patrons when he realized something. "I thought you said that the Wizarding World doesn't know about them. Why are you letting me know?" Blaine stayed silent for a moment, trying to phrase the next half of the conversation accordingly in his head.

"Do you know those jackets you were looking at before I dragged you in here?" Blaine finally asked.

"Yes." Kurt said.

"Well, if you were truly a muggle you wouldn't have been able to see them...or come in here for that matter...but-"

"Woah, woah, woah." Kurt said, pulling out his bitch-face. "Wait. I'm not a wizard Blaine. I think I would have noticed."

"I didn't say you were-" Kurt cut him off, smiling as he started to banter.

"You were definately implying that-"

"I did no such thing you little-"Blaine said with a smile of his own, not noticing that his friends had entered the small wizarding establishment.

"Wow," Wes said as he pulled up a chair to Kurt and Blaine's table. "You guys are so-"

"Married." David finished, sitting down as he sipped a latte. "You're all ready half-heartedly fighting about who said what." Both Kurt and Blaine turned to glare at David and Wes.

"Are not." they said collectively, collapsing into little giggles, the tense conversation from before alleviated with knowledge.

"So how come Wes and David are here? Are they wizards? Is Dalton's a Wizarding School?" Kurt asked, completely curious to this new world that had opened around him.

"You're certainly taking this in stride." David remarked.

"But no, David and I aren't wizards." Wes said. "We're only here because we know that it's here. That's how we think magic works-at least from what Blaine's explained to us anyway." Kurt's brow furrowed and his lip was worried for a moment.

"So if I know that magic exists..." he bagan, "I'll see it, but if I don't..."

"You won't see anything." Blaine finished. "Isn't it cool?" he asked Kurt, hoping desperately for approval.

"Yeah." Kurt said with a blinding smile.

"If you think this is cool-just wait till you find out that Blaine's dad is the Wizarding Messiah!" David said cheerfully before taking another long gulp from his latte.

"DAVID!?" Wes said, slapping David on the back of his head. "Blaine was supposed to tell him that dumb-ass." Kurt cocked his eyebrow, turning to look at his counterpart. Blaine ducked his head, muttering spitefully about how he wished he could hex people.

"It's not exactly a big thing over here in America." Blaine said.

"Magic's not exactly a big thing to...what did you call them? Muggles?" Kurt asked with a wry grin.

"Merlin you're awesome." Blaine said, awed at how calmy Kurt was accepting this. He was expecting to be hated, to have no chance to explain at all. His heart had practically jumped out of his throat when Kurt hadn't believed him in the beginning, but now it was there for an entirely different reason. He was just so happy.

"Now," Kurt said, leaning forward with a conspiratorial grin. "What are the current fashion trends? There is an entirely new world that I have never seen before, and if those jackets I was looking at before are any indication to how awesome the rest is- I want in." Wes and David laughed heartily as Blaine began to explain how those jackets were really called robes and the money conversion so that Kurt would understand how to shop in a wizarding store.


Finn came home the same day to see Kurt wearing the strangest clothing he had ever seen. Now, Finn understood that Kurt had always worn the strangest clothing he had ever seen, but the things in the shopping bags on the floor had some of the wierdest color combinations and designs that he had ever seen on Kurt. Some of them almost looked like the designs were moving, but he decided that it must be so because of how many sparkles were everywhere.

He thought it hard to believe that his mom and Kurt's dad wouldn't find anything weird about the clothing, especially because half of it looked like some weird 'Merlin' rip-off, especially because there had to be at least 200 dollars worth of clothing in the bags that littered the floor of the living room.

"Hey Finn!" Kurt said to him with a blinding smile, still clutching a strange looking clothing item. The fabric looked absolutely uncomfortable, but by the way Kurt was holding it up to his face and stroking it like a crazed man, Finn figured that the thing had better be pretty damned soft. Kurt wouldn't let his hands touch just anything you know.

"Hey Kurt." Finn responded in kind after a moment. "What'cha doin'?" He asked, leaning against the back of the couch. Kurt immediately blushed and looked down guiltily.

"Nothing- just-"

"Looking at clothes, right." Finn said with a small grin. Nothing to be guilty about. That's what you always do.

"I'll just take these-" Kurt said, gathering up the strange items, "and go put these away. Dad said dinner is at seven tonight 'cause Carole and he are going to something." Kurt got up to escape to the basement, barely able to hold onto the bags comfortably, almost dropping a few items as he escaped down the stairs.

Finn simply shook his head and grinned.


"Blaine! I've got a problem!" Kurt's voice said through the speaker on Blaine's phone not three days after their shopping excursion. Blaine frowned.

"What's up Kurt?" Blaine said, ignoring the questioning glances that Wes and David sent him from the other side of the room. Blaine struggled to put the phone inbetween his shoulder and his ear, attempting to fold his clothing at the same time.

"Finn knows about you and Rachel convinced him that you're just being my friend to get our set list so now he wants to meet you and your family." Blaine dropped the pullover that he was currently folding.

"What?" He asked. "How on Earth did-?"

"I might've had a pictureofyouinmylocker."

"I totally didn't get that last part." Blaine said into the phone, flipping off Wes and David as they continued to look imploringly at him.

"I-um-have a picture of you in my locker." Kurt said bashfully. Blaine chuckled as he heard the blush that was on his best friend's cheeks through the phone.

"Aw. That's cute."

"Blaine! What am I going to do about Finn!?" Kurt said, raising his voice just loud enough for Wes and David to hear him through the phone's speaker. Wes opened his mouth to begin asking what was wrong with Finn, but Blaine's glare prompted him to close it.

"I don't know-maybe you guys could meet my family- Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, you wouldn't meet my siblings, but I'm sure meeting my parents would work just as well-"

"Blaine." Kurt stated, as though chastising a small child. "I'm not flying all the way to England just to meet your parents."

"Well," Blaine began, "you're not exactly going to be flying, it'll be fine."

"You're going to magic us over there? And tell Finn? What the hell Blaine! I thought magic was supposed to be kept a secret! You can't just going around telling everybody!"

"But-Finn's your family, he's important to you..."

"Just because Finn is a part of my family doesn't mean that its okay to tell him. I haven't even told Dad yet-and Gaga knows he looks at my clothes with a little more caution these days-" Kurt ignored Blaine's grumbled response about how buying the clothes in the first place was a stupid move, "Besides, taking Finn and me to meet your parents would be a little too close to introducing your boyfriend and his family to your parents. I bet Wes and David haven't even me them yet."



The duo lapsed into silence for a few moments before Blaine was struck by a brilliant idea

See?! Stupid move Blaine. Now. What am I going to do about Finn?" The duo lapsed into silence for a few moments before Blaine was struck by a brilliant idea.

"I've got it!" Blaine exclaimed. "I'll just invite my parents over here! That way they can formally meet all of my friends and Finn can approve our friendship!"

"Blaine, that's-"

"Brilliant! I know!" Blaine said with a grin. "I can get out my guitar, and we can sing 'Thanksgiving Tunes' and-"

Blaine ignored We's call of 'There's no such thing dumbass' and trudged right on, paying no attention to any of Kurt's protests or the random comments from the peanut gallery. Eventually he stopped when Kurt called his name.

"I'm sure that'd be just awesome Blaine, but I have a family to go to on Thanksgiving too you know- a family that actually celebrates it."

"Oh. Well-maybe the day after?"

"Carole and I are going shopping. It's 'Black Friday' Blaine, you've lived here for three years, surely you've picked up on it by now."Shut up, you." Blaine ignored the 'married' that was sung out across the room. "How about the day before hand?" There was silence on the other end of the phone for a moment.


"Okay. I'll talk to my Dad about it, and if he says 'yes' I'll invite Finn along." Blaine grinned widely and silently pumped his fist in a self-congratulatory manner.

"All right. Talk to you later Sweetie." There was an awkward pause between the friends, and Blaine blushed darkly as he realized what he had said. David grinned widely and held up his hand for a high-five. Wes gladly returned.

"Uh-yeah...Bye Blaine." and phone clicked off, the low dial tone not even making a dent in Blaine's shocked face.

to next part: 

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Of COURSE its worth reviewing... I spent most of this story with a huge grin on my face. I loved that fashion was (of course) what Kurt noticed first about the wizarding world. I can't wait for Harry and co. to show up. This is totally amazing. Thank you so much!

No problem!

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! Writing it left me with a huge grin on my face-so I don't think you're alone.


This can't be the only HP/Glee crossover out there (HP is probably one of the most crossover-able fandoms EVER), but honestly I haven't tripped over any. Even if I had though, I bet I'd be following the progress of your story with bated breath anyway. ;)

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving!

I think I've read a couple HP/Glee crossovers once or twice, but they didn't quite have what I was looking for...and then Blaine showed up with the most awesome oppritunity for Harry Potter crossovers ever and...this was spawned.

I hope you're having an awesome Thanksgiving too! Thanks for reading!

*g* Blaine really is perfect for that, isn't he? Well, in any case, if you're a fan of crossovers, I've read one BtVS/Glee one featuring Rachel/Puck which I thought was pretty well done.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in this part of the world but thanks for the thought anyway!

P.S. What were the HP/Glee crossovers about and who did they star?

I might be interested in finding that BtVS fic...Buffy crosses over everywhere too. Its insane.

Well then I would wish you a wonderful day.

Um. One cross over I had read was on, and..had Rachel/Draco and Sue/ was a little more...crack-like, but I got a laugh out of it(I can't remember the title for the life of me)

And then another:
with Brittany. This one was...awesome(even if it is really short)

Here it is. I've read the first but not the second, since it's incomplete.

Thank you, both for the well-wishes and the rec! ;)

Ooh~! This chapter is so cute!! I love the 'married couple' references~

And the mesh-up with HP books is just brilliant! I do wonder, is Harry's wife going to follow canon and be Ginny, or are you spinning him with another person..? *personally doesn't like the canon pairing, but anything's fine...XD*

I haven't quite decided who Harry's wife is going to be yet(of if it's even a wife)...but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Thanks for reading!

*giggles* It would be nice if it wasn't a wife, but a husband~~! XD

Totally. But then the problem would be finding the right man. Urgh.^^

Draco Draco Draco Draco Ahem.

Hahaha...I'm sure you can think of something up~ There are quite a lot of slash pairings with Harry and some other male in the books...XD *how about Draco Malfoy??? (obvious Drarry fan) =D*

gyah, why did you have to leave it hanging! please update soon! i can't wait until kurt (and co.) meets the wizarding world's own version of the second coming :)

I'm pretty sure it'll be updated soon as I have the entire day to write.

Thanks for reading!

You mentioned apparent plot holes--would that be that Finn was able to see the magical moving clothing?

Such a fun story, I sure hope to see more soon.

partially-there are a few others.

Thanks for reading!

OMG- I can't believe what I'm reading here.

Continue!!!! Continue!!! This is terriblyfriggingawesomefun!!!

Thanks! Thanks for reading!

I really, really, so totally love this! ♥

I don't really have words to describe how totally awesome this is. I can't believe this idea had never crossed my mind, but it's amazing! Please, please continue this soon! ♥♥♥

*flails some more* I don't even know know how to express my flailing and fangirling and just overall happiness at the epicness that is this story. :) IT'S THAT AWESOME! YOU'RE THAT AWESOME! Amazingly fantastic job bb!

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