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Avatar: The Legend of JaeJoong (Chapter 3 Part1)

Title: Avatar: The Legend of Jaejoong
Rating: R (eventually-PG-ish this chapter)
Part: Book 1 part 1 and 3/3 of 4
Warnings: none (it's only been looked over by me, I'm not sure if that warrants a warning but-)
Word Count: no clue
Pairing: YunJae, other miscellaneous ones-none yet-
Summary: Jaejoong is the last airbender, and a person known only as the Avatar-who was going to reunite the world through use of his awesome elemental abilities- and with the help of his new friends Yoochun and Changmin he's going to do it-while not-so-avoiding the banished Prince Yunho and his cousin Junsu.

Author's Note: Onto the Northern Water Tribe(which will be told in two parts-this first, really short part, and one really long part which comes later this week.) also-links to first two chapters at bottom of entry.


The Avatar had escaped. ON A FLYING DOG WITH SIX LEGS. Prince Yunho roared within his own mind. After spitting lies about myself to my own face-he escaped on a Sozin Damned flying dog. Prince Yunho thought with a frown.

His cousin Junsu laughed slightly as he sipped his rewarmed tea, knowing exactly what thoughts his younger cousin was thinking at the moment, having heard the entire confrontation between his cousin and the Avatar because of his excellent hearing-or more likely because of his spying abilities. It seemed the Avatar knew more about his cousin than his cousing knew, making it an interesting state of affairs, especially as it seemed his cousin had a little more than interest in the pretty Avatar.

"Control your breathing Prince Yunho. You don't want to melt the ship again." Junsu said teasingly, a wry grin stretching his lips wide.

Prince Yunho screamed at the other, his hands clenching and muscles tensing as bursts of flame erupted from his fists towards his cousin. Junsu simply smiled and sidestepped the shower of fire that was directed at him, his footwork placing him in front of his cousin.

"Now, now, Prince Yunho. I think you need to take the Avatar's escape as a lesson." Junsu ignored Prince Yunho's glare as he stalked around the other, his foot tapping Prince Yunho's limbs into a proper meditative stance. "Specifically," Junsu carried on, "as a lesson in control." Junsu placed his, still hot, tea cup atop Prince Yunho's head.

"Now I want you to stay there until tea time, that is if you remember when it is." Junsu turned to leave. "If you come visit me before tea time you will have to go back and resume position until we sup with the crew, if you come too late you will miss tea time."

Prince Yunho exhaled lowly, fire spinning lowly from his nostrils. "Oh, and Prince Yunho?" Junsu called out, "If you break my tea cup..." Junsu left the threat hang, opening the door to the lower deck, not even turning around to face his cousin as he left his final remark. "I'm going to instruct the helmsman to head to the Northern Water Tribe. If you can't figure out why I'm going to assume you don't deserve the right to know and that you need more lessons in configuring battle strategies."

The heavy door clanged shut just as Prince Yunho turned his gaze to the horizon, where he knew Jaejoong and his water-peasant companions were last seen. Heading North. If his uncle was right, then Jaejoong didn't have all of the powers of the Avatar yet...but he had already channeled his former selves...was he really that powerful all ready...or was it simply because of heightened emotional expression?


"Thanks you guys," Jaejoong said once the trio was far enough away from the Fire Nation Prince's ship to fly freely, "but how did you find Vick?" He asked as he pet the clutched the large harness that enveloped the large dog's frame, petting the soft fur that was directly underneath.

"Well-first we had to fight our way through three dozen sea leapardoodles-"

"Be silent Yoochun." Changmin interrupted his brother. He then turned to JaeJoong with a small, hopefully comforting, smile. "We found him almost where we found you actually. We were looking for weapons or something, anything to help us get to the ship and help you...and I guess we just found him."

"But..." Jaejoong pouted "Vick never flew for anyone but me before." He sent a small glare to the brothers, not quite meaning it, but put-out none the less. Yoochun simply grinned and leaned back, placing his arms behind his head and stretching his long legs out and crossing them at the ankles.

"I guess he just likes me." He turned to Vick slightly. "Isn't that right snookums?" A low rumbling could be felt as Vick growled slightly, not in anger, but playfulness. Jaejoong's eyes widened.

"Well I'll be damned." The trio lapsed into silence. Jaejoong looked longingly back towards Prince Yunho's ship while Changmin observed the vast ocean below. Yoochun, on the other hand, observed the others before him.

"I think we need to head to the Northern Water Tribe." He stated, drawing attention to his serious tone.

"I think that's the brightest thing I've heard out of your mouth since I was born Yoochun." Changmin said.

"No. Seriously now. If Jaejoong here really is the Avatar," Yoochun made a broad gesture towards Jaejoong, who pouted at him and stuck out his tongue, "then he needs to have as much training as he can get before he goes to face the Fire Lord." Changmin nodded along.

"Woah." Jaejoong protested, his eyes wide and his muscles taut. "Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. There is no way I am fighting the Fire Lord. I'm an Air Nomad if you haven't noticed. I don't exactly go around fighting people. Protecting? Sure. Fighting? No."

Yoochun spoke up, saying "Do you remember how angry you felt when you found out you were the last, when you found out you could do nothing to take them back? How you thought it was your fault?"

Jaejoong's eyes flared, flashing white for a moment, and Changmin was taken aback by the sudden heat that he felt. Yoochun continued on, "That was the Fire Nation's fault, Jaejoong, and you're the only one that can stop them. Being the Avatar means bringing peace to the nations, harmony, and if the Fire Nation is allowed free reign then there won't be any nations to bring harmony to." Changmin stared, awed at the stance his brother had taken, and amazed at the attitude change he had taken in regards to the Avatar.

"Why else do you think Prince Yunho captured you? To talk? No. He was going to take you to the Fire Lord, Jaejoong, who wwas then going to kill you." Yoochun finished. The brothers watched as Jaejoong's eyes blanched with purifying power, with no way to know that Jaejoong was re-experiencing Yunho's kiss, with no way to know, that as soon as the prince's name was said, that Jaejoong hadn't heard a thing Yoochun had said.

Changmin once again felt a heat rush his body, but it was present only long enough to be noticed, a low chill in its wake.


Jaejoong stood on the ship, watching as Yunho stood still as well, a teacup balancing precariously on his head. Jaejoong moved to stand in front of Yunho, inadvertedly meeting eyes, though Yunho had no knowledge of such.

Jaejoong clapsed his hands behind his back, bending forward and cocking his head, simply observing the bright red tone that the Prince's form had taken. He unclapsed his hands, and stood up strait, balancing on the tips of his toes to gain more height, so as to see the teacup. It was a solid grey, a shocking contrast to the warmth that was the Prince's form.

He slowly unclapsed his hands, bringing one hand forward to grasp the cup. He watched as the Prince's eyes widened, his slowed movements reaching vainly to catch, what the Prince assumed to be, a falling cup. Jaejoong giggled as the Prince moved clumsily.

Jaejoong looked down to the slowly steaming cup. An idea forming in his head. He grinned as he twirled his finger through the steam, and watched as words formed because of the movements that he made.

'Will you catch me?' He wrote in the air, laughing as the Prince's face changed expressions into something of a more comical shock. Jaejoong replaced the teacup on the Prince's forehead,  and suddenly he was back with the brothers and Vick, his eyes no longer glowing.

"So?" Changmin asked. Jaejoong's expression of bewilderment was all the answer Changmin needed, he was going to reask Yoochun's question. "Are we going to the Northern Water Tribe?"

Jaejoong thought to Yunho, and how Yunho didn't want to be part of the Fire Nation, how it was destiny. He thought of the teacup. He thought of his dead family.

The Avatar's eyes flashed white once more as his grin collapsed into a firm scowl.


Chapter two:
Chapter one: 

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SPOT!!!! Heheh.... heading towards the northern water tribe... some of my favorite parts of the series are there. *cough* zuko capturing and *cough* tying up aang *cough cough*

Don't worry! Capturing and Tying people up is definitely in the plan(mainly because they were some of my favorite scenese too)

Thanks for reading!

Lol! Yay! Tying up;) im excited!

Yay you updated! I'm always looking forward to this <3

ohhh so jaejae is attracted to yunho also eh? keke, i knew it! cant wait for the next chapter <33
lolz junsu so cute XD

I'm glad you liked it.
Junsu is always wise and cute(we just don't tend to realize it)


chapter 3 is here!
love it!

thanks so much for updating this!

no prob.

Thanks so much for reading it!

aaha... there's a sexual tension already~ XD

Yup, and more to come too.

Thanks for reading!

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