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Blaine Potter: Chapter 2

Title: Blaine Potter
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Family, Comedy
Spoilers: 'Never Been Kissed', because of Blaine. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' It's the epilogue (but I'm pretty much absolutely positive there is no reason to have read the book to understand this)
Rating: PG
Summary:Kurt has a not-quite-magical boyfriend----

Author's note: Here it is, the first part of thanksgiving. The next part will be up tomorrow(as reward for waiting so long for me-life got in the way.) As always, ignore my atrocious grammer and myriad spelling mistakes. This is also shorter than normal. sorry. Also-to the previous part if you missed it :

"FINN!" Kurt called as he looped his scarf around his neck. "We're going to be late!" Kurt could feel the footsteps vibrate through the floor boards as Finn left his spot on the couch and joined Kurt in the foyer. Finn pulled his jacket on as Kurt's dad came over to say good bye.

"Don't stay out too long now, and say hello to the Potter's for me, all right Kurt?" Burt said as he brushed the laples of Kurt's coat gently.

"Of course dad." he said while rolling his eyes. "Now we've really got to go." Kurt said as he pulled on his leather driving gloves. "Come, Finn." Kurt left the house with a wide stride, not pausing to see if Finn was following. Finn and Burt shared a bemused glance, but Finn quickly followed, ducking into the car just as Kurt twisted the key and turned on the ignition. Finn waved goodbye to Burt as they pulled out of the driveway, using his other hand to attempt to turn on the radio.

Kurt, however, slapped it away from the dial. "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake-hole."

"I can't believe you just said that."

"I can't believe you forced Dad and I to watch an entire season of Supernatural with you and Carol the first day of Thanksgiving break." Kurt said, glaring at his passenger for only a moment.

"Aw, c'mon's tradition at our house..." Finn winced as he had now come to expect Kurt to belt out the word tradition in true Fiddler on the Roof form whenever it was said, but was pleasantly surprised to find that no response was given. The duo lapsed into silence for the next leg of their journey, no music to intrude as they could never find a station that would suit both of their taste.

"So..." Finn said awkwardly, wondering how he was going to breach the topic without sounding stupid. "Is...Blaine really your boyfriend? Rachel said he was, but you know that she can jump to conclusions sometimes, I mean, maybe he's just a really really good friend, like Puck and me, or is he your kinda-boyfriend-sex-buddy, because Santana said that that was a possiblility-"

"Shut up Finn. Blaine and I are just friends."

"Oh." Silence prevailed for only a few moments before Kurt had to speak once more.

"What ever gave you the idea to meet Blaine's parents anyway?" Kurt asked as he switched lanes.

"Oh, um, actually-"

"It was Rachel wasn't it." Kurt said, a wry grin twisting his lips.

"Well, kinda-you see, Rachel brought the picture in your locker up one time when she was over for dinner at my house, and Mom thought it was adorable, and so she just had to tell Burt, and he kinda freaked for a bit, but Mom didn't let him bother you, so Mom and Burt teamed up and convinced Rachel to convince me to convince you to convince Blaine to convince both of us to meet his parents." Finn finally finished.


"It was my mom's idea."

"I-um-okay." They lapsed into silence once again, but this time it lasted until Kurt was pulling into what Finn could only describe as a castle's parking lot.

"Why is there a castle in the middle of Ohio?" Finn asked as they exited the vehicle, he barely glanced at the 'visitor parking' sign that was pressed up against the bumper of Kurt's Navigator.

"Its a boarding school Finn. I think being a castle is practically a requirement." Kurt said as he slung his messenger bag over his shoulder, pushing his hands into the warmth that was his pockets as soon as he could. It was cold.

They rushed into the castle, Kurt going first as he was more desperate, and closed the doors quickly, hoping that too much warm air wouldn't escape. Kurt enjoyed Finn's awestruck look for a moment as he took off his gloves, urgently searching the entrance hall for the familiar sight of Blaine.

He didn't have to wait long, for while Finn was still taking off his coat and hanging it up in a coat room, Blaine practically ran down the eastern stairwell to greet Kurt. Blaine had, however, regained a semblance of normality as he reached the bottom of the flight, tugging at his obviously homestitched sweater and fixing his hair. Kurt thought he was perfect anyway.

"Hi Kurt, I wasn't expecting you so soon. Where's...Finn?" Blaine asked, peering around Kurt's shoulder, not knowing that if Finn were truly in sight he wouldn't have to.

"He's hanging up our coats." Kurt said dismissively, "are your parents here yet?"

Blaine chuckled lowly, not noticing the slightly creeped out look a very tall teen was giving him as Finn spotted him from around the corner. "Yeah, they're here all right, and all ready traumatizing Wes and David." Kurt frowned, and pouted, but Kurt never noticed. Blaine did though, and Finn noticed Blaine noticing.

"If you're parents are traumatizing them, then should Finn and I be worried?" Kurt asked.

"No, you should be fine, most of their questions are about you any-Oh hi there!"

"Hey." Finn said with a wary nod. Kurt may think that this guy isn't his boyfriend, but does this guy know? Blaine offered his hand to Finn.

"You must be Finn, my name is Blaine Potter. It's a pleasure to meet you." Finn stared at Blaine's hand, and shook it after Kurt elbowed him in the ribs. The three stood there in the entrance hall for a moment, Finn glaring at Blaine, Blaine smiling obliviously-as though he was acting too polite-, and Kurt glaring at Finn. Their silence was intruded upon by the desperate call of Blaine's mother.

"Blaine! Your friends are scaring your uncle!" Blaine turned to grin at his companions.

"It seems I have been called upon, if you both wouldn't mind following me-" He gestured towards the stair case, but pulled Kurt's hand, tugging him along. Finn followed silently up the stairs, not quite wanting to hurt the guy that obviously had a crush on Kurt, simply because Kurt was smiling now, but also wanting to tear their hands apart, Burt's parting words to him leaving more of an impact than he thought they would. If that Potter kid tries anything- Burt had said while he and Finn were still in the living room, and he let the threat hang.

Does holding hands count as trying anything? Finn wondered, not even noticing that Kurt, Blaine, and a 40-something-year old red head were staring at him expectantly

"Oh, um...I'm Finn?" Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Yes Finn, we know that, Mrs. Potter just wanted to know whether or not you wanted some cookies." Kurt gestured to a plate of cookies Finn hadn't noticed before. Finn smiled.

"Sure!" He said, extending his arm for one, breaking the cookie in half and biting into it. His eyes lit up as chocolate exploded in his mouth. Oh yeah. he thought, the Potters are definitely in my good books. "Thanks!" Finn said with a grin, stuffing the rest of his cookie into his mouth. Kurt rolled his eyes and shared an exasperated look with Mrs. Potter that was distinctly read as boys when Blaine took a cookie shoved the entire thing into his mouth.

"Well," Mrs. Potter began, "I have to say that I'm really happy you boys decided to spend this holiday of yours with us." She said with a smile. Kurt noticed Blaine had frowned and mouthed the words 'really happy', but ignored him.

"Believe me Mrs. Potter," Kurt said with a conspiritorial look and flip of the wrist, "I think I might be more delighted to meet you and Mr. Potter than I have been to meet anyone before." Blaine looked slightly put out as Mrs. Potter and Kurt locked arms, moving their way into the common area where Wes, David, Blaine's uncle and Mr. Potter were.

"Please Kurt, call me Ginny." was heard as the duo left the room, their giggling figures making no impact on the boys who were almost contentedly chewing on cookies.

Kurt, on the other hand, was absolutely amazed at how crazed Wes and David appeared. The two were wide-eyed and covered in gravy, all the while holding a whisk and battery-operated turkey knife in a menacing manner. Kurt had never seen the two look quite so strange before, but what really caught his attention was the platinum blond man who was tied to a chair in the middle of the common area.

"You both are never going to be allowed near Blaine again." The blond man hissed at them, his grey eyes flashing and his hands clenching and releasing, obviously missing his wand, which could be seen laying on the coffee table. "As soon as I get Harry to release me," the man jerked his head in the general direction of a dark haired man who was sitting casually on the couch, "I'm going to curse you both into the form a slug with a conjoined twin, you ignorant cows." The dark haired man laughed, his head thrown back as he enjoyed the blond man's despair.

"Oh, come on, Draco." Ginny Potter spoke up, her grin sparkling as she tucked herself into her husband's side. "They're not that bad, and you obviously put up quite the fight if they're the ones that are covered in gravy." The blond man, Draco, grinned smugly at the two Dalton boys.

"Indeed I did. Now." Draco said, turning his attention abruptly to Kurt, who was staring wide eyed into the room from his place just inside the door frame. "You must be Kurt Hummel, I must say that its not a family name I am familiar with, but I am sure Blaine's taste in muggles would be superior to my own, and, if the way you dress is to be remarked upon, I'm sure he's done quite well if you don't take these two sebu's into account." Kurt shook himself out of his daze, and took a few steps forward, cautiously looking at Wes and David as he knelt behind the blond man's chair and began to untie him.

"I'm not quite sure what to say to that, but I'm sure that, if your extremely choice waistcoat is anything to go by, I am honored to be making your acquaintance." Draco turned to the Potters.

"I approve of this friend your boy has made. He seems quite charming, I wouldn't mind taking him under my wing at all." Draco said before turning his attention to Wes and David once more. "You two, on the other hand..." He walked over to the table and muttered a quick 'scourgify' as he flicked it in their general direction. The gravy and any stains disappeared from their clothing, their hair stood strait on end, and their skin developed a red tint as an invisible scrubber scrubbed too hard. "I think that'll have to do for now, can't be seen making a mess."

Blaine and Finn, conveniently, walked into the room after the spell was completed, Finn looking at the other two Dalton boys confusedly before sitting on an armchair, and Blaine going to give his Uncle Draco a hug.

"It's been forever since I've seen you!" He exclaimed, gripping the taller man tightly. Kurt took the opprotunity to sit on the loveseat.

"Blaine." Draco said smoothly, escaping from the teen's grasp with a poise Kurt only wished he could possess. "Let me see you, from the way your hair was tickling my nose I'd say you've grown taller." They both ignored Wes and David's bitter mutterings about how it didn't matter how tall Blaine had gotten because he was still shorter than they were.

Wes and David sat primly on either side of Kurt on the love seat, forcing all three of them to be pressed tightly together, but it was used as a reinforcer for Blaine. He's not your boyfriend yet. You have no right to sit next to him until you ask him out. Their argument had been nearly half an hour earlier as the trio had planned out the seating arrangments. Besides, sitting together on the loveseat would be just a little too much, don't you think?

Blaine certainly didn't think so, but he was overruled two to one. No one but Ginny noticed as Harry Potter rose from his spot next to her on the couch and walked over to the loveseat himself. Everyone was too preoccupied by the scene of Blaine and Draco's reunion.

At the quick jerk of Harry's head both Wes and David vacated their spots, causing Kurt to look up at him in curiosity. Kurt moved over so there would be more room for them both to sit comfortably.

Ginny gathered the other males from the room and set them loose upon the kitchenette area that was attached to the common area, leaving Kurt and Harry to a conversation all to their own.

"Blaine tells me you've been bullied." Harry stated first, his eyes looking directly at Kurt's own, his brow furrowed and a strong line dominated his mouth. Kurt's glance flickered down to his now clasped hands and tightly pressed thighs, but he made eye contact with the taller dark haired man.

"Yes I have sir." A small chuckle escaped tightly pressed lips at the teen's response.

"No need to call me 'sir'. I'm just Harry." Kurt's own brow-line creased and his mouth moved into a frown.

Why are all of Blaine's parental figures so informal? No one their age asks peoply my age to refer to them by their first names.

"He's also told me you are able to see magical places and hidden things."

"Well, according to him I can. I can't exactly tell the difference all too well unless I'm specifically looking for them though." Harry seemed to nod, having come to an understanding.

"Well, all right then." Harry leaned back onto the loveseat, his legs spreading out wider and his arms encomposing the back of the suite. "I've come to the conclusion that Blaine is in love with you, and so far I approve. It's good that he's got someone to relate to." Kurt nodded, and almost began to speak, but Harry continued on. "I just want you to know that he's not over it yet, the bullying I mean. He may look all fine and dandy but he's not. He feels ostraciseded in his own home, even if none of us mean too, and he feels the same way here. I'm pretty sure its a constant reminder of his past and what he can't do."

"Harry." Kurt said, holding his arm out in a placating manner. "It's not that I don't get it, but why are you telling me all of this?" The dark haired man's green eyes bore into Kurt's own, searching, judging, evaluating, and finding him worthy.

"You're the first crush he's been willing to have us meet. He even invited Draco along, you might want to ask him about that after we leave, but for now..." Harry clasped Kurt's knee loosley and wiggled it a little, "let's go eat some turkey. Ginny is a wonderful cook when she uses magic and we need to make sure your little friend Finn doesn't get too confused. He looks a little lost." Harry stood and left Kurt on the couch.

What a strange man.

Kurt thought before standing to follow. "Well, then," Kurt began, "I have been bullied, Harry, and you can call me Kurt."


next part: 

Author's note: Review if it was worth it.

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Hmm, Uncle Draco? Curious minds can't wait to see the story behind that one!

Well, the minds won't have to wait too long!

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